Camille Esmail

Born and raised in Calgary, Camille enjoyed physically challenging activities such as gymnastics, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and more. She competed in track and field meets over the course of her junior high years and was named MVP with her high school rugby team. Camille has always had a boundless curiosity and need for understanding the world around her. This has manifested into many areas of her life, including fitness and overall health. While on a three-month solo hiking adventure to the Yukon, she was offered an admin position at the Fitness Fix. Starting in September 2021, she joined the Fitness Fix team. Camille has known Denise for many years, since her parents used to take her to Denise’s group classes when she was a kid.  Denise’s treatments and work inspired her to better understand how the body works.  She’s applied to a variety of university programs including a personal fitness trainer diploma, a Bachelor of Health and physical education in physical literacy, a Bachelor of Science in psychology, and much more. In her free time, she rides horses, climbs, skis, backpacks, plays with her goldendoodle and enthusiastically follows Denise’s workouts.