Winter Class Schedule Jan 2 to June 30, 2017


All 55 minute classes:

Monthly Unlimited $110 for 1 or $165 for 2



Seminars: $20 for 1 or $50 for 3

Kids: under 12 free with adult in adult or family classes

Youth: 12-18 Half Price of Session

Class Descriptions

Our trainers are all professionally trained exercise specialists with extensive experience, and we tailor to your needs! All levels welcome to all classes. Kids are welcome to every program we offer.


CIRCUIT!  Intense strength training & cardio intervals! This class has a combination of effective strength exercises & sneaky plyometric & cardio intervals in this power packed metabolism boosting sculpting workout that will balance and tone your body like no other workout! Your metabolism & muscles will feel this for days…

STRENGTH & CORE!  Pure FULL BODY toning, intense strength & core exercises utilizing different types of equipment each week to create a stronger more incredible body &core than you have ever had…just try to avoid laughing or sitting for a day or two!

STRENGTH CHALLENGE!  Condition your body from head to toe with dynamic challenging exercises utilizing a variety of strength equipment, stations, and adding some plyometrics here and there to spice things up! All levels welcome as intensity options will be given- push as hard as you like and get results!

FUNCTIONAL PERFORMANCE TRAINING!  If you ever said training is boring you will EAT YOUR WORDS! This class with teach you functional lifts & skills  you never thought possible  in a high intensity 75 min class that will make you sweat like you never have before.

CORRECTIVE! Who says rehab can’t be FUN!? FIX your aching body, FIX injuries, FIX weaknesses in this incredible class! You will be challenged at your level with great exercises, fun equipment & a corrective isometric program that will balance muscles and correct weaknesses!

RUN/WALK!   Walk or run for fitness, learn to run, improve your technique, increase your speed, FIX old injuries and LOVE running and walking with this interactive fun workout that can challenge all levels, beginner to advanced! 

CARDIO!   Amazing fat burning/butt-kicking/metabolism boosting hour of crazy cardio intervals you will love! All equipment is used & you never know what is coming next! Low- Impact cardio gives effective options without any impact designed to improve your movement, balance, agility & endurance. Get ready to sweat!

FRESH CLASS!   Classes for cancer patients/survivors. Exercises and cardio session are gentle yet effective and easily adaptable, and people will be challenged at their personal level. (No charge for these classes) Please email for more details.

THRIVE YOGA Focus on linking gentle movement to strong breath, this class introduces classical yoga postures that move from the core outward. Inspired by the evidence-based Thrive Yoga program developed at the University of Calgary, our yoga gives students a time in the week to both engage and relax their minds along with their bodies.

WOMEN OF STRENGTH (pre and post natal) Prenatal & Postnatal Training aimed at preventing and correcting pelvic floor dysfunction - diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic instability - and postural dysfunction. Get full-body workouts, strength circuits + intervals, based on what your core can support - get strong from the inside out!

SENIORS CORRECTIVE STRENGTH, BALANCING AND LIGHT CARDIO CLASS Focus: improving strength and mobility in all key areas, helping improve balance, agility, endurance, and incorporating a bit of cardio to keep the heart and lungs functioning optimally. The strength work and brief cardio intervals are designed also to help stimulate growth hormone for optimal physiological responses and decreased cortisol.