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Denise Beatty(Fitness Fix Creator & Owner)

Denise Beatty B.Sc. Exercise and Health Physiology
Denise regularly (and annoyingly) exclaims how much she loves her job, and has been working with clients for personal training, run coaching, injury and imbalance assessments, injury rehabilitation and pre and post surgery preparation and treatments since 1998!
Denise has dedicated her life’s study and practice to finding the “missing links” needed for optimal function, health and performance! She is passionate about helping to correct injuries and imbalances and also preventing injuries to help facilitate a lifetime of healthy function and training!
She has many certifications, including Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer (CESP), MAT Jumpstart - Muscle Activation Techniques, Resistance Training Specialist, Essentials of Elite Performance (Z Health Neuro courses), and FMS- Functional Movement Screen.
Denise has been featured in many publications including the Calgary Herald, and North Shore News, has written for various publications including Impact magazine, and has been featured on Global TV, Tampa Bay TV and more, as a Fitness and Wellness Expert. She has presented to well over a hundred companies over the years on various Health and Fitness Topics including the National Parole Board, BP Energy, Nexen, Standard Life, and more.

Owner/Head Trainer of The Fitness Fix Studio
Creator of Fitness Fix TV workouts https://fitnessfix.uscreen.io/
Creator of The Fitness Fix DVD series http://www.fitnessfix.ca/dvds.html
Creator of the FRESH Start Program- FREE classes for Cancer patients and survivors (2010).
One of Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2019, 2020

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From years of volunteering with physical therapists, as a volunteer coordination for Club CAMPUS at U of S working with people with disabilities, to volunteering with the rehabilitation programs at U of C, to offering free seminars to special groups; Denise has always wanted to work with people and somehow help them on their journeys to optimize their health, function and strength, and decrease pain and fatigue!

In a one year period (Dec 1995- Dec 1996) Denise was in two car – totalling accidents and was hit by a truck riding her bike where her left side had some significant soft tissue damage, including a torn apart left hand, and she was knocked unconscious. For years after she was not able to run without pain, and worked through migraines, neck back and hip pain, and a left hand with loss of function. Denise found she had to resort to standing to make it through her university lectures and struggled with pain constantly while trying to coach gymnastics, study, and exercise. Other injuries, depression, and other health issues manifested.  The learning through this dark time, and the support of friends and colleagues increased her passion for injury rehabilitation. This lead her to dedicate her life to studying ways to help people have safe, effective, optimal options for recovery and also to help prevent so many chronic injuries that can occur from muscle imbalances (also often culprits from past injury and trauma). Denise feels her learning from her own injuries is a gift, and hopes her learning and consistent study can help others as effectively as possible. She often says “I wish I knew this…when I was first injured!!” and then shares anything that may help each client through videos, programs and email support.

Our Collaborative Goals:
The Fitness Fix team (my close friends and trainers!) all share this passion and collaborate to offer clients of all ages and levels the best experiences and results possible.
Our clients are like family, everyone is welcomed and supported in every fitness class, and every session. There are no memberships, no contracts. We are here for you in any way we can be, with no pressure.
Classes run year round, not in sessions so you can drop in anytime.

Denise grew up in Saskatoon and moved to Calgary to finish her B.Sc in Exercise Physiology.  The mountains and wonderful people were a huge draw and she never moved back.
She was born in 1975 and still can’t seem to get enough 80’s and 90’s music- it is doubtful that will ever change lol!
Denise was a dancer and gymnast growing up -except she kept growing- so moved into coaching gymnastics for 15 years. She played on a volleyball club team for years and always loved distance running from elementary school and on.
She has run many marathons, countless halfs and 10km’s and one 50km ultra, as she loves the challenge and the learning that comes with these events.
Denise married the most supportive husband on the planet in 2004 and has a very energetic, full of life, very active daughter whom she adores and the best Morkie dog ever! (Just don’t tell the Morkie that he is a small dog – he runs and hikes like a big dog!)
Together we love travel (especially with friends), daily outdoor activities, lake time, and working in the garden and on the house. Maui and Shuswap lLake are our very special places.
Denise is personally working on her horrible typing skills and finding ways to manage more emails through audio functions- way less typos! Denise also is learning very cool ways of practicing self care and helping the nervous system to recover and heal, so don’t worry if you see her humming and moving her head around while walking down the hallways!

More seriously though, Denise hopes that her team is able to work with you to achieve something that may take you steps closer to your goals, and enjoy the process!
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